Angels of Hope Foundation

The Angels of Hope Foundation was established to “give back to society and our environment”. Our intention is to assist needy children and keep our environment as natural as possible.

Currently, the Angels of Hope Foundation has two projects underway:

Peaceful Home for Children

Save the Elephant Projects


What does the Angels of Hope Foundation do?

Orphan Elephants

The elephant is the core of wildlife in Africa. Without these gentle giants the very concept of environment and conservation will not longer exist. We help orphan baby elephants to grow into healthy creatures who will continue to roam the wilds of Africa, through a fostering programme within The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.


More about the Orphan Elephant project

Peaceful Home for Children

We wish to assist Kenyan orphans, in particular, to live a more fulfilling life through better living standards and education. Our present project is the Peaceful Home for Children on the slopes of Mount Kenya in Kenya.




More about the Children's Home project

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