Children's Home

Angels of Hope Foundation decided to build children's home in Kianyaga near Mt Kenya. This is called Peaceful Home for Children. This is a private institution which will be run and funded under the umbrella of Angels of Hope. The new home was set up in July 2007. In this new home, we currently have 14 children. 

The Director of Peaceful Home is Joe Njogo and the Manager and Matron in charge is Joe’s wife Agnes. Both these “parents” have looked after orphans for the past 20 years, with much love and dedication.

The plans for the orphanage are a family structure. Each house will have 8 children, a mixture of both boys and girls of different ages, with a mother. This will give them a sense of being in a family. The construction of the first house was finished in March 2008. The second house was finished in May 2010. The Directors living quarters and guest rooms have been built and are now in use. The kitchen and Recreational Hall are being built and should be ready by the end of 2012. A new project has been setup with Greenhouses growing produce which will be sold to help the upkeep of the Home and the children.

Culturally, Kenyans do not adopt orphans. Therefore, children who come to an orphanage in Kenya usually stay until they become adults, as this is the only home they will know.

Orphan Elephants

The majestic elephant is at the heart of wildlife in Africa. Without these gentle giants, the very concept of environment and conservation would no longer exist.

Through a fostering programme driven by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, careful nurturing of orphaned baby elephants lets them grow into healthy creatures who are reintroduced to roam the wilds of Africa.


  • The elephant is the symbol of Africa, and if people do not understand this, then our wildlife is doomed.
  • Ivory is just a material – when in fact we are looking at mere TEETH of an elephant.
  • With so many wonderful and beautiful minerals like gold and silver and precious stones in the ground, why do we need the material ivory anyway? What is so beautiful about it? It is only a TOOTH. Leave it where it belongs - in an elephant’s mouth
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