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Annabella Francescan

Annabella Francescon was born and brought up in Kenya. Her higher education took her to the United Kingdom and the United States. She has traveled widely throughout the world.

However, her heart and soul stayed in Kenya . Here she started to work in the world of tourism and has spent much of her spare time out in the countryside, learning and understanding the different people who live in this land. The wilderness is also home to her as she had devoted much time and funds to maintaining the wildlife, in particular, elephants.

Annabella is the chairman of a successful safari company, Maniago The Destination Management Company, based in Nairobi . She says, “life has been good to me, it is now time to give back to society, through the children of Africa, by building a Home for the orphaned children - Peaceful Home for Children - and to nature through the most emblematic animal of Africa ; namely the elephant.”

With this in mind, Angels of Hope was born.

Duncan Muriuki

Duncan Muriuki

Duncan was born in the mid 60s on the slopes of Mt Kenya near Peaceful Childrens Home in Kianyaga (Kirinyaga district). His early childhood and schooling was in the rural settings before moving to Nairobi for secondary, high school and university education. His father being an auditor at the time ensured the family a decent life by the rural standards.
Intelligent and unassuming, his good brain ensured he got top marks from a very rural primary school/setting to earn him a position in one of the most prestigious schools in the country then. “This was my break”, he says. He exploited every opportunity on the way.
He is owner & CEO of Destination Africa Ltd and holds an MBA degree in Marketing and Strategic Management from the University of Nairobi.
He is widely travelled worldwide and felt the need to give back to the less fortunate after realizing that sometimes, all one needs is an opportunity and hope.
The children of Peaceful Childrens Home come into a world with no parents to love them and no hope other than well wishers. Despite growing up in this neighborhood Duncan did not appreciate or even become aware of the plight of the children at the Kianyaga Children’s Home except by default when looking for a place to donate some extra cash that he & his friends had made at a social gathering. The first day he visited the home a few years back, he felt indebted to the children for not having gone there sooner despite driving by every now and then. He vowed to help them live some decent life and regain some hope in life. The fact that little was known about this very needy institution made it even more urgent to focus attention to it.
Duncan has been involved with Peaceful Childrens Home for several years.


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